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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Mesmerized is Your Romantic Decor & Intimate Occasions Concierge Service, that is conveniently located at your fingertips, for any occasion, when you are ready to unwind, reconnect & create romance. 

Whether it’s an ordinary date, that you would like to transform into an extraordinary date night, or if you’re ready to propose and you want to create a lasting memory, or maybe you just want to have a quiet romantic night at a 5 star hotel; no matter what your idea of romance is, Mesmerized is here to enhance it for you. 

Mesmerized Testimonials

Mesmerizing Moments did an amazing job helping my husband surprise me for our anniversary.  My husband is one who is afraid of planning things and he always sets the bar high, so for him to entrust Mesmerizing Moments with such a big occasion..

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